The Oppo F19 – A Beautiful Mobile Phone With Amazing Features


The Oppo F19 is arguably the lowest basic model of the F series of mobiles; yet at its entry price ofRs 18,990 it sets itself right in the supremely lucrative sub-Rs 20,000 budget segment. Many phones from a number of high-quality brands have a similar or even identical feature-set to the Oppo F19; including some features not found on others. However, when it comes to build quality, design, durability, performance, ease of use and overall design, there is little difference between the phones. Despite having the cheapest price tag, this low price tag does not mean that the Oppo F19 fails to deliver on any of its claims. In fact, the Oppo F19 manages to stand out with a host of cool features, and an equally impressive design – despite being one of the smallest mobiles in the market today. If you are looking for a phone which has the ability to provide its users with the basics in a stylish manner, then the Oppo F19 might be just the phone that you have been looking for. oppo f19

The Oppo F19 can be considered as the perfect phone for anyone who wants a simple, affordable handset which has all the basic necessities. With an amazing display to impress its users, coupled with a powerful CPU, Adreno powering the device along with all the other usual features like wifi, internet connectivity, etc., the Oppo F19 can be considered as an amazing deal which gives first class value for money. And with such a sleek, modern design, the Oppo F19 smartphone from India is certainly a must-have.

The one feature of the Oppo F19 which might appeal to a great many users is its ‘fast charging support.’ What this means is that the phone can be used even on the off chance that it runs out of power. In fact, this modern feature – which is surprisingly unique in the smartphone market – gives the Oppo F19 a surprising degree of functionality, as well as longevity. With so many technological functions flocked in together with an advanced display, there is no doubt that the Oppo F19 will go a long way in fulfilling the dreams of those who wish to connect everyday by using their smartphones.

Another unique feature of the Oppo F19 that appeals to many is its unique dual-camera setup. With a primary camera on the rear of the smartphone, and a secondary, smaller, 1.2-megapixel camera on its front, this unique smartphone has the ability to offer two different uses to its users. Those who want to take pictures of themselves or someone else can do this by taking a picture of themselves via the primary camera, and then pressing the back button to shoot a secondary photo. For someone else who wants to take pictures whilst they’re away from their home or office, this secondary camera can act as a second viewfinder for them. This way, they can take photos anywhere and have their photos developed by the second camera on the Oppo F19.

Apart from all of these amazing features, what stands out the most about the Oppo F19 smartphone is the amazing battery life it offers. At just over two hours, the battery is capable of lasting a full day without recharging. The reason why the battery lasts for such a long time is in part due to the incredible power of the MSM processors inside the Oppo F19. They are the brains behind the smartphone’s powerful hardware, allowing it to run on premium Android software, while giving you features like a fantastic interface and an extremely fast and fluid browsing experience.

Just like any modern smartphone, the Oppo F19 also comes with a range of unique features like facial recognition, which means that it will remember your face when you lean in to take a shot or when you move away. This feature is also present in many high end smartphones, but never before has an affordable phone been able to boast of such features at such a low cost. In addition to this, the Oppo F19 also comes with a dual camera setup, one on the front and one on the back, meaning that you can take a group picture or give a video presentation. Another benefit of the dual cameras is that you can upload the results to YouTube. The dual camera setup on the Oppo F 19 smartphone is something that you won’t find in any other smartphone.